The New Guy; A Sexy Story

After graduation, I moved to Atlanta to find work. A family friend recommended an agency and after a couple of interviews, I was hired. I was assigned to a team headed by the boss’ daughter, Aleigha. Aleigha, was around my age. She was a tall, leggy, blonde. Her green eyes and full red lips complimented her sun-kissed skin. Her long legs were like a stairway to heaven, and heaven was her nice firm round ass. Her breast were like two huge boulders earning to break free from a mountain and smother me in an avalanche of pleasure and passion. I was embarrassed when she caught me looking, and she must have read my thoughts as she quickly introduced herself and suggested we walk around the office so I could meet other members of the team and get acclimated to my new surroundings.

Every day Aleigha would walk by. I would stare at her perfect body. She would catch me and I would quickly look away. It seemed every day, her skirts were shorter and tighter. I found myself daydreaming at my cubicle, wondering what it would be like to kiss those thick, luscious lips, feel the warmth of legs wrapped around me in a wave of ecstasy and passion. The feel of those huge breasts in my face as she rides me like a wild stallion. The fantasies became deeper and more erotic. Sometimes I could not contain myself and would go to the executive washroom to explode.

One night as we were preparing to leave for the weekend, Aleigha called me into her office. She said she had some work she needed to discuss with me and to give me a performance evaluation. As she said her goodnights to the last of the workers, she came back into her office and closed the door. She sat at her desk, saying nothing. She placed her long legs on her desk, her skirt hiking up just a little. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as the skirt rode just above her thighs. I couldn’t help but notice that she had no panties on. She cleared her throat and turned on a television. The television began to play what appeared to be footage from the executive washroom. Aleigha asked me “so is this how you spend company time?” I was embarrassed and knew this would be my last day with the company. I began to leave, but she demanded that I sit back down. I was forced to watch every moment of my masturbatory exploits. I noticed as we watched, her fingers were sliding deep inside of her and she became more excited with every stroke of my massive member. She demanded that I remove my pants and stroke my cock. She turned off her TV and turned her attention to the live show she demanded. With every stroke, she would slide her fingers deeper inside, first it was one, then two. She stood up from her desk and moved slowly towards me. She took the two fingers from her pussy and slid them into my mouth, giving me a small taste of what I had fantasized about in that wash room.

She stood above me as I cleaned her fingers with an eager mouth. She stooped down and grabbed my hard cock and began to slowly stroke it. She never took her eyes off of me and demanded my attention as well. She began to slowly kneel before me and lightly kissed the swollen head of my penis. She let her tongue slide up and down the hard veiny shaft, before opening her mouth to allow me inside of her. Her mouth was like a vacuum, sucking up every inch of my hardness. The more she sucked the harder I got.

When I was finally at the hardness she desired, she laid me back in my chair. Her long legs were on my shoulders and the sweet nectar of her shaven tight pussy was in my face. She pulled my hair as my tongue rapidly teased her clit, occasionally sliding inside her. I felt the wetness dripping in my mouth and could feel her tensing up with every orgasm trapping my tongue in the pink deliciousness.

My cock was ready to explode. She must have known and she must have been ready for it. She lifted her skirt slightly up and began to straddle my cock. She ripped her blouse open, exposing those wonderful breasts that I had cum over so many times in my fantasies. Her firm tits and perfect nipples were in my face and I took them into my mouth. As I gently sucked on them, she began riding my hard cock faster and harder. She looked me in the eye with anger, lust, and passion and fucked me with all of it. She got off of me and led me to the floor where she got on her back with a look as if she was begging to be fucked like she had never been fucked before. Her legs were wrapped around me, the scent of her wet pussy filled the air and was an aphrodisiac luring me into her. I was under her spell. I pumped harder and harder and felt every muscle tightening orgasm squeeze me harder and harder. Her thighs shuttered with excitement and her voice stuttered with every scream of passion.

I got off of her and led her to her desk where I bent her forward. That perfect ass was in the air and right where I wanted it. I slid my hardness back into her wetness. Her passionate screams echoed in her office and let me know that she was getting exactly what she wanted. I rammed her harder and faster and could feel the excitement in her body. I couldn’t last another minute. I let out one more thrust as she fell into an exhausted state of passion.

She found herself covered in passion as she pulled her skirt down and took her seat once more. I was still tremoring from the experience when she said to me that I would receive the full report of her evaluation on Monday. As I pulled my clothes back on, she also informed me that from now on, I was to use her personal wash room whenever I felt the urge.