I went back to London escorts after I got married.

I met my husband when I was working for London escorts. He was one of my regulars and we like each so much that we started to date privately. Unlike the other gents I used to date at London escorts, he did not have tons of money. In a way, I felt that it was good. Naively I thought that it would make for a good relationship but what I forgot about was the many perks that I enjoyed dating at London escorts. Like so many other London escorts I had ended up being very spoiled. My husband-to-be did not have that sort of money that many of my other dates had. I thought I was not going to miss my high flying London escorts lifestyle at first, but after a couple of months, I desperately start to miss the good things in life. I had left the London escorts agency I had worked for when we got married as my husband did not want me to be involved in escorting any more. When we got married. I ended up moving to another part of London. Although I rented out my flat and had managed to find myself a little part-time job.

I did not feel that I had enough money. When I had been with London escorts, I had always been able to rather a lot of money. Now I was finding it harder as my husband needed me to help with the bills. I was soon missing my cheap escorts in London lifestyle and started to wonder if I had made the right decision. After a year, I decided to go back part-time to London escorts. I was only working three days a week in a local supermarket, so I told my husband I had found another job in London. He seemed pleased but in reality, I went back to the most fantastic cheap escorts in London.

It was a bit like living a double life, and I felt guilty about it at times. But I soon had more money in my bank, and I felt like I had a better personal lifestyle. Yes, I had missed being part of something, and I guess that London escorts had meant more to me than I had previously thought. My marriage did not last for very long. After we had been together for two years, my husband and I split up. He was a lovely man but simply not the kind of man that I could see myself spending the rest of my life. Everything was a struggle, and I could not love like that.

Today I am back working full-time for London escorts. Sure, one day I may want to move on from London escorts, but it has to be with the right man. I know that I am a spoiled girl, and with that comes a dream of wanting to live and enjoy a certain kind of lifestyle. I wonder how many other London escorts find themselves in the same boat.