Marriage is a tough decision, a lot of responsibilities to take and a lifetime commitment.

Many people rush about it just because they love the person. Marriage is not only base on love, because it can’t support your family. There are many fail marriages because of rushing a decision.  And that was my biggest mistake before. I marry at a young age, thought of when you already have someone with you everything will be okay. But I was wrong; our relationship gets worse in a long time. Your patience and love will eventually fade when your stomach is hungry, and that will be the start of ruining your relationship according to Surbiton escorts from

Everything fades when you have no enough money to finance your family. The love will be eventually become angry, and you will regret that you had married when you can’t take responsibilities yet.

My name is Karen, and live in New York, I thought to marry young will save me from all the hardships I have been through. My life is not easy; I have to go through many things to have a better experience. My parents are just a typical citizen, and to live in a dumpy site was hard. They don’t have a stable job to finance our daily needs; they have not finished college and hard to earn money. It is not easy when kids the same with my age is in school, and learning, while me, tiring myself now and then to help my parents.

We all know how important education is to every people when you had Finish College, it is easy for you to find a job. It is easy for you to buy everything you like, less stress and a comfortable life. I believe that when you enter marriage, you have to be ready like you have a stable income to get your daily needs. When you are educated, it’s easy for you to find a job and but your family needs. Money is the number one source of arguments, and you have to make sure that you had enough money to have your family needs.

I am so depressed back then, thinking of my friends slowly achieving their dreams. And here I am spent most of my life working in a fast food chain with a small wage. I feel so ashamed when we see each other, and I serve them. Until I met Kenneth, he is a crew in fast food too. He promises me he will raise me from difficulty. And give me a good life. He told me that I wouldn’t tire myself anymore under the heat of the sun. Eventually, we have a relationship, we love each other so much, and as far as I am with him, he gives all my needs at that time. I don’t have any problem with him. That when he decided to marry me, I agree. At first, it was smooth and happy, but when we already had kids, everything is messed up.  He got fired from his job, and we always fight. We are not matured enough to handle things. And so we got divorced and went to London with my kids. I became a Surbiton escort to finance my kids and give them a good life. I realize that we were too young and not fully matured.


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